A best friend’s wisdom in the afterglow of an unlikely kiss. Ben is one lucky boy! Speaking of getting lucky, thanks to everyone who joined us in Seattle for the movie. I’m done travelling for the year, and that audience made it one heck of a finale! A lot of excitement still awaits you wonderful people who love this story. If you like your graphic novels especially graphic, over on Patreon we’re currently voting on which character we want to see naked. Cassy has agreed to ditch the digital clothing and give one of our guys the centerfold treatment. Sound good? You can join us and vote here. The final novel of the book series has been published early there as well, a new short story is coming next week, and and and… It’s a happening place, I’m tellin’ ya! If you’re keen on seeing the movie, there are still opportunities here. Or why not watch a song from the movie right now? That should keep you busy until next week’s page. 🙂