What’s the most awkward way you’ve met a romantic partner or even just a friend? For me it was when I was a teenager and working in an adult book store that was also part of a gay bar. One of the stranger jobs I’d had, and up until that point, I had never worked behind a cash register before. I did okay until someone wanted to write a check. I knew I had to take down important information, but I wasn’t sure what, and the customer was getting increasingly agitated. Probably because a dildo and porn video were sitting there on the counter for everyone to see. Keep in mind that this was before the internet or handy dandy cell phones. I was completely lost until this hunky guy walked behind the counter and offered to take over. I said yes, and in no time, the unhappy customer was out the door with their bag full of naughty. As it turned out, the guy who helped me was the DJ for the night. We didn’t get much of a chance to talk, and after he went to set up for the night, I was told by my friends that he was a lost cause. This DJ didn’t hook up with anyone from the bar. He wasn’t that kind of guy. I didn’t let that stop me from trying, because I wasn’t that kind of guy either.

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