Question: How many of you reading this comic are familiar with the book? I ask, because events here are slightly different from what’s on the printed page. In the book, Ben wants to run Tim off the path. He changes his mind at the last moment and fails to brake correctly, but the intent was there. Why change this detail? I have a very long-term reason that I’m not yet ready to reveal. I will say that, in this regard, I’m more like Ben’s book counterpart. I’ve always gone to extremes to get the attention of guys I like. I can be shy and reserved in many situations, but when it comes to love, my heart always drags me along after it. I remember starting a new job once, and we were supposed to be paired up with more established employees to learn from them. I had my sights on our trainer, but some other guy was assigned to sit with him. No problem. I simply doubled back when no one was looking, told the kid that he needed to find somewhere else to sit, and postured like a schoolyard bully until he retreated and I had my treasured seat. The result? Many steamy nights worthy of a romance novel. And love, as imperfect as it turned out to be. My point? I’m honestly not sure, but I don’t have many regrets. As long as you’re not hurting anyone, love is worth all the craziness. Just don’t knock anyone into a ditch.

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