As a guy who has always been in love with the idea of love, I have to admit that I never liked dating. When I finally found a guy I wanted, then it became fun. That search though… Much like Ben, I didn’t want to meet some guy in an artificial situation. I wanted it to happen while I was out walking the dog or something more spontaneous than that. Until I was old enough to go to bars (another environment I wasn’t crazy about) I used online dating. Back then it wasn’t an app. It wasn’t even the internet! Much respect if you know what a BBS is and have been on one. At the time we weren’t able to share digital photos easily, which meant blind dates. I met a lot of guys who were only after one thing, or more commonly, weren’t what they had represented. While I met my first boyfriend this way, I highly recommend getting out there and meeting people in person. It saves so much time. Go to gay youth groups if you’re underage. If you’re older, then you have more options available to you. Try things even if they make you uncomfortable. Those bars I despised? I just happened to meet another guy there, one who also didn’t like bars. Fast forward seventeen years and we’re still together!

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