Benjamin BentleyBenjamin Bentley (aka Ben)
Born: October 27th 1998
Height: 5’9”
Hobbies and interests: Boys, love, boys, relationships, boys, and singing.
Bio: Ben has a brave heart. This made it possible for him to come out at the tender young age of fourteen. Why wait? Ben was ready to meet his prince! As the years went by, Ben realized it wouldn’t be so easy. Seemingly the only gay person at his school, Ben was on the verge of giving up until the night a handsome guy wearing neon-electric blue shoes jogged past him. That’s the downside about Ben’s brave heart. It can also make him reckless because Ben is willing to do just about anything in his quest to find love.

Allison CrossAllison Cross
Born: March 1st 1998
Height: 5’10”
Hobbies and interests: Singing, poker, and drama. (The stage kind, not the emotional kind. … Okay, that too.)
Bio: Allison isn’t a crutch. She has better things to do than constantly steer Ben, her best friend, in the right direction. She has an overbearing father to worry about, who come to think of it, needs a lot of guidance as well. It’s not just the men in her life who are demanding. Allison’s late mother made her swear to never waste her potential, and Allison works hard to fulfill this promise. That means more than just perfect grades, a good college, and an impressive career. Allison also recognizes her potential to have fun, even if that means sneaking out to hit the wildest parties with the finest boys.

Tim WymanTim Wyman
Born: August 24th 1998
Height: 6’
Hobbies and interests: Painting, running, baseball.
Bio: Tim hails from Kansas, which he was glad to get away from for personal reasons. He might enjoy painting, but he doesn’t like to talk about that. For personal reasons. Are you detecting a pattern here? Despite not being very forthcoming about who he is and what he likes, Tim is still friendly and sociable, which is surprising considering the nature of his homelife. Which he doesn’t like to talk about forβ€” Ah. I see you’ve caught on. It’ll take someone very determined to crack this nut!